The new Otowave 302 Tympanometer

Amplivox are pleased to announce the launch of the Otowave 302 tympanometer. Demonstrations available now with first customer shipments from 1st September.

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Otowave 102 IrDA Data Transfer Now Supported In Microsoft Windows 10

Amplivox are pleased to announce that the Otowave 102 IrDA transfer is now supported in Microsoft Windows 10.

This can be achieved using a current IrDA dongle (model IR2002UL), providing your computer is running the latest version of Windows 10.

The following document gives full details on how to check this, upgrade your computer if necessary and information on ordering a IR2002UL IR dongle if required.

Otowave 102 Windows 10 IrDA

The new Otowave 202-H tympanometer

Amplivox, is pleased to introduce the new Otowave 202-H Tympanometer.

Providing fast, objective middle ear measurements, the Otowave 202-H features a comprehensive range of test functions including user defined 1000Hz and 226Hz probe tone impedance measurements and a user programmable range of both ipsi and contra lateral reflex test measurements at 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz

Lightweight and compact, the Otowave 202-H is designed to be used in a static clinical setting, or as a totally portable ‘go anywhere’ instrument.

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Increased equipment warranty period

Amplivox produce reliable and robust audiological equipment, which is used on a global basis. Amplivox is now pleased to advise that the standard Amplivox warranty period for all Amplivox products will be increased to 2 years.

This no cost function has been implemented for all Amplivox instruments dispatched from 1st January 2015.

Otowave Tympanometers

Elegantly shaped to follow the contours of a hand and with a perfect weight distribution, the Amplivox Otowave ensures middle ear measurements are completed with confidence, accuracy and objectivity.

Ideal for both static and mobile use, the Amplivox Otowave weighs under one pound.

Product release – Amplivox 260

Amplivox is pleased to announce availability of the new Amplivox 260 portable diagnostic audiometer. Contact us for further information.